Who We've Helped in 2015


Rodney Journey 2015.jpg

Rodney Hill-6 month old with Hirschprungs Disease

Simon Fendinger-12 year old Thyroid Cancer

Peggy Penberthy Rose Family (In memorial)

Joe Graham-Brain tumor

Eva Rohrdanz-Lyon-Kidney transplant

Laurie Rosebrock-Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

Hugh Campbell Family

Jed Woomer Family (In memorial)

Paul Bailor Family-weekend family getaway-Mom with returning cancer

Baby Blake-Heart Transplant

Christopher Janson-MS medications

Randy Young Family (In memorial-lung cancer)

Dan Hughes Family –Pancreatic Cancer

Cindy Karanik-Medical Bills/Disability

Garrett Gardner  THS Scholarship

Michael Gertis Bethesda  Scholarship

Justin Pope  THS/Bethesda Scholarship

Tristan Boling  THS Scholarship

Garrett-Gardner-2015 .jpg


Harz Blessings for Christmas

Sean Tompkins-Benefit

Eldredge Club-Floor Restoration (Harzfest Venue-and other benefits held here)

Lindsay’s Legacy

Willow McDonald-heart surgery-newborn

Mom & 2 children-domestic situation-food for family

Boys & Girls Club Newman Family Club-Teen Nights Pizza Donation

VVA Food Pantry

St Francis Outreach Food Pantry

Aubrey Garigen-CDLS Conference

Warrior of the Week-THS/Boys and Girls Club