Who We've Helped in 2017


justin kocent 11 day PP.png


Justin Kocent 11 Day Power Play

Brian Joseph Fose Medical Bills

Addy Cannon Benefit

Ethan Ashcroft-Harzfest Ticket sales

Joanne Kirchmeyer Amann-Memorial to American Legion Band

Scott Greenwalt Benefit  

Nina Holloway Benefit

Tammy Keller

Boys and Girls Club Teen Nights /Field House

Christmas –Christmas for Kids, WFHH, VVA, ST francis Food Pantry

Rockin for Santa


Millstream Educational Park

Boys & Girls Club Pizza Teen Night

Sophia CF Walk

Warmth for Hungry Hearts

TIK  THS Post Prom Party

Thomas Peasland

Ralph Selover

Cordova Benefit

26 Shirts Sponsor September 12th

School Supplies-Sponsor family and 2 Donation Drives

Warrior of Week Tonawanda Football

Linda Mercer-Ovarian Cancer

Usiak Family

Steve Hugill-medical expenses

Kale Shiesley-ramp

Ruth Vogt-Hospice memorial

 Debbie Sabatini Benefit

Pierce Benefit


New sign 2017 for Frog Pond Millstream EducationalPark.jpg



Cam Harszlak  THS Scholarship -Board Sponsored

Maria Armenia THS Scholarship

Eric Bauman THS  Scholarship

Cailey Braun  THS Scholarship

Stacy Williams Bethesda Scholarship

Taylor GrossKopf NT Scholarship

 Amanda Holler NT Scholarship-Board Sponsored

Autumn Steele NT Scholarship

Diane Martin-3rd stage cancer

Chain Gang GC