Who We've Helped in 2018


miracles for Elysa.jpg

Elysa Maurer Duncan-Kidney Cancer

Bob Werner-Donation

Sharon Young  Benefit

SMA Walk Cure

Ed Mylnarski-Liver Cancer Harzfest Ticket Donation

Bethesda Youth Kingdom Bound

Trisha Brown Medical Bills

Sofia Cystic Fibrosis Walk

Justin Kocent-11 Day Power Play

Mike Stone-Melanom

Boys and Girls Club Teen Program -Game System

THS Senior Yearbooks-6 kids in need

TIK-Post Prom Party

Brittany MacKinnon-Breast Cancer

Lorrina Madoni-Jacob Madoni Memorial

Chad Lucas-Prosthetic Leg Fundraiser

American Legion Post 264-Kitchen

John Fiore Golf Tournament-Tee Sponsor

Boys and Girls Club –Teen Night Fundraiser




Emily Horn JHF 2018 scholarship.jpg

Madison MacNeil-NTHS Scholarship

Nina Marranca -NTHS Scholarship

Grace MacGuiness-NTHS Scholarship

Kayleigh Krietinger-Bethesda-NTHS

Emily Horn -THS Scholarship

Morgan Foster -THS Scholarship

Hannah Strahin-THS and Jane Harszlak Memorial

Warmth For Hungry Hearts Fundraiser

Kim Newton -Breast Cancer

Team Mia

Noah Kuper

Peighton Hulin Memorial

Stella Usiak and Family

Steven and Nicholas Wyoming County

COT Domestic Violence Fundraiser

St Francis Service Fair

Carson Barnhart-6 month old Glioblastoma

Charlie Fernandez 5 year old Neuroblastoma

Warmth FHH donation.jpg

School Supply Drive.jpg

Tonawanda School Supplies and Warrior Wear

Local Family School Supplies