Successful Harzfest 2016

Harzfest 2016 is a wrap and was very successful!   Thank you to all who donated, volunteered, attended and prayed for our major fundraiser.

Now one year to plan Harzfest 2017-so mark your calendars for Saturday March 4, 2017!

We have been busy donating funds to many in need.  See the updated list so far this year on page : Who we have helped.

Harzfest 2016 pictures are posted-these are majority of them, with more to be added!  Our next major event is our 2016 Scholarships to High School Seniors-this year we have expanded to include North Tonawanda High School.  This will be our 4th year and we have given out scholarships to Tonawanda High School Students, and to graduating seniors who are members of Bethesda Youth Group as this was Jim’s church.

Here is application for this years scholarship and they are due back by Monday May 2nd!

Peace Love Prayers & Harz Hugs!

JHF 2016 Scholarship application

Donations are accepted all year , see the Ways to Help page!

For donation requests/needs here is our request form:  JHF DONATION REQUEST FORM PDF


Harzfest Tickets -Year End Update

Harzfest 2016 Tickets now available online:  Harzfest Tickets.  See Facebook for event invite and the Harzfest Page Here!

Thank you to all the “FRIENDS OF THE FOUNDATION” for your contributions, support and prayers as we wrap up 2015!

This year we have blessed 23 Families/Individuals/Organizations with monetary and other donations to create memories for those who are in need.  We gave Harz Blessings this Christmas season to 6 Families to include one organization that helped many!

Also this year 4 scholarships were given as well as 8 dinner gift cards to the “Warriors of the Week”  for the Jim Harszlak Fifth Quarter Club at the Boys and Girls Club-Newman Family Center.  We also provided pizza for the Teen Nights which began in November after the football season, and will continue until March 2016 on Friday nights!

Harzfest is Saturday March 5, 2016 at the Eldredge Bicycle Club again this year.  More details and ticket information coming soon.

You can connect to the foundation on Twitter and Instagram :  @jharzfoundation

We are looking to promote #Harzfest2016 more this year, and in the works is a Harzfest Selfie Wall as well as backdrop and banner’s being designed by Steele Tie Dye!

Peace Love Prayers and have a blessed 2016!

Tell Someone you Love Them, Give Harz Hugs and see you at Harzfest 2016!



In one week this foundation will be three years old and I would like to thank all of our supporters the  “Friends of the Foundation” who have volunteered, donated, and prayed for us so that we can  continue to bless others  in memory of Jim. .  Three years ago was the last Labor Day  picnic we had together and the summer of 2012 was a summer of many lasting memories for family and friends.

This year so far  we have helped 13 individuals and families and gave out 4 scholarships to Tonawanda High School Students.

In 3 years we have helped 43 families/individuals  with donations for  various needs to include medical bills, mini family memory  trips, dinners, and burial expenses.

We have helped 22 families/individuals  with our Harz Blessings given during the Christmas holidays.

Scholarships have been given to 12 students in the community.

Seven dinner gift certificates given to Players of the Game for THS Football.

Gift Cards to the youth at the Friday Night High School youth nights at Newman Family Boys and Girls Club.

The foundation has also helped by making baskets for other fundraisers, volunteering for other fundraisers and participating in walks and runs to support various causes. It is amazing what we can do together!

Mark your calendars now for March 5, 2016 for HARZFEST 2016 -Countdown in six months!

Photos and pages have been updated, and coming soon by 2016 will be updated website to archive older material and to recognize our Friends of Foundation-who without your support these last three years we would not be here helping others.

Peace, Love, Prayers  and as Jim would say-“Tell Someone You Love Them”

Spring Update

Harzfest 2015 is over and we thank you for everything. The Volunteer Appreciation Party is Friday April 17th check out our Volunteer Facebook page for more information! Soon we will be updating with photo’s and more. We have already given out one donation to a young child with medical issues since birth and are adding a donation to a basket raffle for a young boy who is has already had two bone marrow transplants and now is battling thyroid Cancer.

The Scholarship application is available here for Tonawanda Senior High Seniors who are continuing their education and for Bethesda Youth Group Seniors. Last year we gave out 4 scholarships! Please see our scholarship page for information on our past two year recipients!

Here is the application: Jim-Harszlak-Foundation-Scholarship 2015

Peace Love Prayers and help someone out today!

Countdown to Harzfest 2015

HarzfestflyerWEB 2

Here is information on Harzfest 2015, New Venue, one new band-Know Beats-which is band that has Stevie Fleck who was with us last year, not sure of the other band member names !  This is the 4th Annual and this year we will be helping the kid warriors and featuring Stella Usiak!  Please bring craft duct tape to the event and be entered for a prize.  The second part to this year will be a community event, helping kids with Cancer to have a fun day this summer and to bring awareness to Bone Marrow Donation sign up.  Tickets and donations for beer can be found online at

Email: to get more information on where to pick up tickets.  We also need donations and baskets for our raffle.  Please email us for donation letter and tax deductible forms!  Thank you for your support and see you at Harzfest 2015!

2014 End of Year Update

This foundation is only 2 years and 3 months running, and I am amazed at all we have done together to help others. In 2014 we have blessed 13 individuals/families, helped 7 families for Harz Blessings, given out 4 scholarships . We have also started out a new initiative with the Jim Harszlak Fifth Quarter Club with the Boys and Girls Club, Newman Family Clubhouse. The THS team had spaghetti dinners prior to home games, and we awarded $40 gift cards to  7  Warriors of the game. Also an afterparty was started at the clubhouse, where teens had place to go and we contributed gift cards, etc.

These were all funded through donations which mainly come from our annual Harzfest. This year Harzfest 2015 will be March 7th at the Eldredge Bicycle Club from 3:00-11:00. Details and Event pages will be coming in the following weeks. This year we will be donating funds to Stella Usiak., and planning a community event to help other children with cancer.

Stella is an 11 year  strong and brave girl who was initially diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in March of 2011, sadly after 14 months of being in remission she has relapsed in September 2014  Roswell Park Cancer Institute says with the relapse there are fewer treatment options.

The foundation helped Stella and family with small donations, and Stella and her family volunteered last year at Harzfest before her relapse!


stella harzfest 2013 shirtIMG_0898


Peace Love Prayers and Harzfest 2015, Shake it Up  for Stella!


March 2014

Harzfest 2014 is over and will be updating page soon with pictures and other information.

The 2014 Jim Harszlak Scholarship Application is available at Tonawanda High School and here.  Please Complete and return to the guidance Office by May 1st.  Jim-Harszlak-Foundation-Scholarship 2014

On April 26th we will be participating in the Undy 5000 for Colon Cancer join our team! Love and Prayers

We are going to be wearing the Expect a Miracle T shirts for the team so please contact me at if you are going to participate in the walk run.

Here are some new T-shirt designs for Adults and Children that can be ordered online and a donation will be made to the foundation.

Peace Love Prayers and have a great day!

January 2014


Harzfest 2014 will be March 1st 2014 from 3-10 If you would like to volunteer please fill out the volunteer form and email to Paul Kirchmeyer paul @etrucktirecom by February 8th.  The next meeting for volunteers will be Wednesday, Februrary 26th.     Harzfest Volunteer Form

Here is donation letter requesting donations for our raffles, please let us know what you are able to contribute.  Harzfest 2014 donation letter

You can also pre purchase tickets for  $20.00 for the event online at our store:

April 26th we will be participating in the Undy 5000 for Colon Cancer join our team! Love and Prayers

August 2013

The 4th Annual Armstrong Pumps Charity Golf Tournament was August 4th and Paul Kirchmeyer had a foursome representing the foundation and their team won the Tournament, Congratulations. A huge thank you to the organizers and employees of Armstrong Pumps for their donation to Jim’s Foundation this year!

The Board will be meeting at the end of August or September to discuss details of Harz Blessings for Christmas 2013 and start plans for Harzfest 2014.

Harzfest 2014 Date is set for Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at American Legion and tentative music will be Strictly Hip, The Stamplickers and Grateful Dans ( Dan Sturner and Danny Lynn Wilson(Lindamen) and band…..more updates to come after summer.

T-shirts have been restocked so visit the store. T-shirts will be $15 for the month of August and will go back up to $20 in September. See our store!

See Ways to Help page to donate to the Foundation and another link to the store!

If you know of any individuals or families needing our help, please contact us through one of the board members, Facebook or email to

Peace Love and Prayers to all the friends family and strangers that have been a part of carrying on good deeds in honor of Jim Harszlak.

Summer 2013 Update

This weekend on June 22, 2013 the first two Jim Harszlak Foundation were given at Tonawanda High School.  See the Scholarship Page for details and pictures.  Congratulations to our two recipients Riley Gardner and Jacob Thurston.

John Holler ran the 5K for the first time and for the first Jim Harszlak team on April 27, 2013.  Get in shape next year for a bigger team.  Susan Holler-Harszlak walked it.

The Foundation was also represented at the Susan B Komen Walk on June 8th.  Walking in memory of our survivor family and friends and those who died this year due to breast cancer to include Mary Beth Cartwright and Sally Hampton.

Armstrong Pumps will be donating to Jim Harszlak Foundation at their annual Golf Tournament. They will be contacted to see when this is and if others can join.  Hopefully next year we would like to do our own Golf Tournament.

Harzfest 2014 Date is set for Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at American Legion and tentative music will be Strictly Hip, The Stamplickers and Grateful Dans ( Dan Sturner and Danny Lynn Wilson(Lindamen) and band…..more updates to come after summer.

Have some T-shirts left but will be restocked soon….see our store

The board will be meeting soon with other fundraising and get-together ideas, please send us your ideas!


Peace, Love and Prayers and enjoy your summer!